(Hopefully) Useful Code

    GARLIC: Genomic Autozygosity Likelihood Inference and Classification. [git][link]

    selscan: an efficient multi-threaded program to perform EHH-based scans for positive selection. [git][paper]

    ADZE: a rarefaction approach for counting alleles private to combinations of populations. [link][paper][packages]

    asd is a program for quickly calculating pairwise individual allele sharing distances. This is unsupported alpha software. [git][performance info]

    respect is a program for calculating and plotting resampled uni- and bi-variate minor allele frequency spectrums. This is unsupported alpha software. [git]

    error.bars.R is an R script to put error bars on your data. [.R]

    copy2png.R is an R script to create a dev.copy2png() function analogous to dev.copy2pdf(). [.R]

    gmm is an implementation of 1-dimensional Gaussian Mixture Model estimation by the EM algorithm. [git]

    predictGMAP will take a reference genetic map and a set of query positions and give the genetic map at those queries, interpolating where necessary. This is unsupported alpha software. [git]