asd performance

    asd was tested on an Intel Xeon X5670 @ 2.93GHz with 12GB of RAM running whatever the latest version of RHEL was as of 19 Sept 2011. This processor has six physical cores and allows up to 12 concurrent threads. A test data set of 1000 diploid individuals (2000 chromosomes) across 500k markers was run with 1, 3, 6, and 12 threads. The data file was approximately 2GB on disk and occupied approximately 1GB of RAM while asd was running.
    Running with all 12 threads, asd calculated the allele sharing matrix and all IBS matricies in under 6 minutes. asd should run O(N^2*L/T), where N is the number of individuals, L is the number of loci, and T is the number of threads.